Our Courses

Frontend Web Development

Ability to write codes that transform into beautiful websites using latest tools and packages. This is what we promise.

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript practical training.
  • Tailwind, Version control, Responsive web design and automation tools deployment.
  • Web deployment, hosting and management using Firebase and lots more

Mobile Apps Development

We build with and teach Flutter. Learn cross-platform app development. One code gets you apps for both Android and Ios. We start from the very beginning up to app publising on both Google Play and App Store.

  • Learn the Dart Language, Material Design, and App build with Flutter
  • State management, Firebase authentication and database management,
  • App publishing and monetization,

Low price of 15,000.

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What you get

Check out our list of awesome features below.


At the end of the training, you will get a certificate which confirms your attendance and shows your newly acquired skill.


We assist with job placements as interns in suitable roles. We have a job pool and network with prospective employers around the world to ensure you get the right placements.


At the end of the training, you are placed in a bootcamp to work with real life developers on live projects to hone your skills. This boosts your resume and improves your employment chances. It also makes you a better coder overall.


We assist you with all the tools that you would require as a developer. We guide you on hardware, software and installations processes. We provide links to problem solving communities and ensue you are not left stranded on any project...even after the training.


We adopt a personal approach to teaching. We take you along and ensure you understand each step. We dont assume you are a guru until you become one. At Code Varsity, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

World Class Tuition

We offer a curriculum that meets international best practices. Our courses are current, and focused on making you a developer that can work seamlessly with teams from around the world.

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Start the New Year with us.

Flexible Time Table

Affordable tuition fee.

We wont leave you until you get it.

One-on-One with your tutors during and after training.

Training materials provided.

Fully online. Learn from the comfort of your home.