About Us

Learning how to code has always been a niche and expensive endeavour.

You either spent a lot of cash to get a sensible appreciation of the concepts, or you spent all your time, weight and energy on the path of self-learning.

Learning the concepts is just one hurdle crossed; the ability to convert these newly acquired skills to appreciable real-life problem solving has been another issue many newbies face. They are either using deprecated strategies and frameworks or only applying just a few buttons and lines out of the many possibilities.

Code Varsity is a group of software developers who have gained experience in learning and practice. We have seen some of the potholes on the roadmaps. We would like to help you navigate the torturous paths together.

Our goal is to solve the core problems of programming skills' acquisition. First, we have made our tuition affordable without sacrificing quality. Secondly, we have a curriculum that takes you from zero to hero in just a few weeks.

We look forward to having you onboard.